Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 REcap's almost 2009...
cant believe a year pass so fast...
so many things happened throughout the whole year of 2008...
back then i was a student..n now a worker....damn...
so fast
so fast yet cant believe dat im getting older a year by year
C'est La Vie!!!
so here it is..
a sketch of wut ive been thru from the early January til end of Dec for the year 2008...

- my lyfe as a student...bookworm by animal by nyte...Thesis + Final year Project
- haircolour: FULL PURPLE (love it!!!)
- still in the process of gaining weight..ahahaha...
- join the commitee for n there..event!!!
- gossip gurls lyfestyle
- cheer jeer...MAEN DOTA...looser...
- seems lyke evryweek i went back to KL just for the sake of clubbin
- my very first tyme met Avis at SAm's Besday was we become u siska!!!
- Sam's Besday Party....first tyme join party abg2 fabulous(shah,zam,andre,NC n etc)..yeay...u noe i love u guys!!!

- me start blogging..yeay
- sneak out tyme Election week...stranded outside sampai kol bper pg ntah
- gegeh Facebooking
- ciapkan my PArticle Board From Sugarcane Bagasse
- Valentine Dinner ngan Ousmate (6 of us)...sweet2

- bump with Pak Arab yg dok pggl shiro SHIRI..y noe noe noe...
- melepak2 + bowling
- anak mak wan ( makcik kedai mkn kat kole perlis), suke kat i..omg..die tu laki org...laariik!!!
- carot2 cik chan...thx for introducing a lot of new words...ESTABLISH > CANTEK TP TAK CANTEK GLER > FUNNY > CHARMING > PESONA......r u really dating cik MUHI???
- berkenalan ngan papa,mama n d gang

- besday bash kak pitam..keje giler!!!
- commitee for career fair in Unimap..gado2 ngan jr gler...kooser!!
- gado ngan Edgar bcosh of ARXD FAHMY...padahal bru je knl ARXD..the reason...ED explore my thru my msg n found out yg Arxd ckp Ed cam da berumor..hurm..there we goes
- final exam...last exam in my entire lyfe as a student!!yeay!!!
- final check for my Thesis Writing..slide presentation

- my Sis weddin dae...yeay...purple gay..ahahahah
- im officially the single lady in my fam..ahahaha
- Material's Finale BBQ dinner...huwaa...sedey2
- Went to Bang Mi Wuteva at Maison...erk...
- MY Thesis PResentation..WEll done..yeay!!
- job hunting??naah...tyme to rilex2 after 4 years study

- first tyme step into MARKETPLACE
- first tyme meet Pakcik n d gang
- shiro n apai besday bash
- Arxd started to stay at my ous for a while
- im officialy not a student anymore..yeay!!!
- started to on9 24/7..ahahahaha

- My Paksu Weddin dae....goin back to spore after a quarrel wif sumone
- accidentally bumped into RP for the first tyme ever at TOpman Orchard..
- things started to turn upside down
- misscom...
- gado..baek..gado...baek ngan sumone...gler camtu jer
- BROKE up wif my BF...i ask for blessed!!!

- my GRADUATION dae..yeay!!! go back to PERLIS
- meet up me ex coursemates after a few months...
- attend Mlm Pesta Muda it..dress to kill
- started my job hunting!!!
- He is officialy out from my ous after a real fight
- started to feel lonely...heartbroken...gloomy

- Bln Ramadhan..bln yg Mulia...breaking fast wif Bitchylicious...joined by Charel
- first tyme met Fidod....babe..we really miss u!!!..but sumone miss u even more!!
- yeay...started my first job as a trainee...
- started clubbing back at MP after a few months leave the track..heee

- Rayer in KL since i didnt go back to SPore
- first tyme watched Theatre at KL pac..with colleague n cici on cici's besday
- open ous all u a lot of new the networking
- had a crush on sumone...didnt go far..since it's just a crush..well..i always have a crush on sumone!!!

- me= QUEEN AMIDALA for the halloween party at's worth it...lalala
- my besday party wif Avis n Cici..such a blast!!!
- Pakcik moved in to Apai's dey r ousmate...
- attended wear a Gladiator it...even melecet bagai..wakakaka
- back then.,..i realized dat im lonely...huwaaa..nk..nk..nk
- Amy weddin dae..Temerloh...gather back wif ex dey oredy sumtink!!! stung by a wasp...demam terok...

- Mkn Steambot reramai..on iwan's burfday..yeay...mkn bende pelik2..euwww
- get raid at MP...ahahaha...CICI cannot Pee
- Picnic sg Gabai...exhausted...yet we had so much fun
- its xmas...attended Ray n Ray Xmas Party...met new Daddy..ahahaha
- attended abg Andre RazzleDazzle Fabulous Party..yeay...had so much fun

im done!!
just wait for the new year's eve celeb....more fun to come...yeay!!!
im praying for a brighter future...
many happy in returns!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry xmas

just wanna wish u guys outhere
r u naughty or nice??
who cares
be jolly!!!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

a new hope

hye guys....
wut a mondae blues....
in the office ryte now..
damn bored
hell bored...
keep on thinking bout a new job...
since my current job ni leh keep it as a partyme..
so it is better for me to find a new job dat can give me a hi pay
so dat i can spend more on shopping without asking for money from my sis
ahahahha..... :p
so dis tyme..
i join Avis in my job hunting...
we really need a new job
as well as Cici..ahahahaha

but a part from dis...
im happy for dat i meet sumone..
sumone dat i really wanted to noe before dis...
how sweet...
there's so much to tell...
dunno how to explain...
im flattered...
im blessed...
since dat moment which so called PRECIOUS, i keep on tinking of him
ahahahah..dunoo y
i just do..

as for me...
i'll stay like dis...
the tyme will tell
im afraid to make a move..
dats me...
eventhou im LOUD..
but sumtymes...i can turn to b sumone who is EXTREMELY Shy
dats it!!

but..wutever it glad to get to noe him..

I Love You

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Picnic Sg Gabai

suppose dis entry da lame da kuar...ahahah
been bz sket lately...

hurm.last 7 Dec2008 (remember the nyte before we had a raid at MP) , we guys went for a picnic At Sg was totally awesome!!
early in the morning Wawa da memekak2 tak kasi org laen tdow...
she keep on bsg2..nyanyi2..wat lawak2 bodow bg sume pecah perot...ahahaha...
korg..jgnlaa tdow...ahahaha

dlm kol 830..wawa gerak kitorg sume bgn...huarghhh....tension2...tdow tak sampai brape jam...choi!!!
Cici n sape ntah g bl Breakfast..bgn2 tgk da ade nasik lemak
pas mkn..leh lagik ade yg bantai tdow lae...
den Wawa bsg2..n kerah sume packin2 n gerak g Sg Gabai...
dlm kol 10 lebeyh kowt
kitorg berlengah2 sket coz tggu fik dtg...
sambil2 tue...layan cter Queer As Folk

then...the journey begin...mule2 g Sg congkak...den da half way tu bley plak patah blk...
naek pitam dak2 ni..ahahah...
pastu bru laa betol2 g Sg Gabai...
kitorg sampai saner dlm kol 11 lebeyh kowt...
nathlaa..tak igt pulakk..
pas da bwk kuar brg dr kete..sempat laa pose2 snappy2 jap...
den gegeh laa start our journey naek atas tue...

"HEY...KAU NK MAMPOS!!!" dgn gaye tgn ROn...
astaga...tangge die tggi sgt...
tak larat ok...
lengoh2 kaki ni
lutot cam nk tertanggal...matilaa!!!
mengeluh sekor2...ahahaha...
da puas mendaki...sampai gak kat air tejun tue...
pergh..mmg cantek...besh
cam agak ramai laa org dat dae...

so we guys pown setup laa BBQ place...
nyum2...tak sbr nk mkn..
sukar utk menggambarkan suasane kat aer terjun tu..
begitu indah skali...
tp kitorg wat bodow je ngan pengunjung yg laen...
jom mandi mande!!!

diringkaskan crite...kiotrg kat ctu sampai kol 4 lebeyh..
lame gler...
puas mandi2 n snappy2 bagai...
kitorg pown kemas2 n pulang ke umah..

ok here i wud like to share the happiest moment throughout the Picnic...

akhirnya Kau Terpancut Jua

** first of all....nk btaw yg note ni adelah hasil nukilan Avis...
hehehe...copy semate2..n ade laa sket2 perubahan...


njoi reading..

Perisiwa ini berlaku pada 7 Disember 2008. Let me walk you though it.
A hip chic club somewhere in KL is as usual having a party on Sunday night, but during that eventful date, a fashion show is also held in the club in conjunction with World Aids Day Weekend. It’s not just a party, it’s a party with a good cause, and I’m all for it. Personally, I believe the war the whole world should be supporting is not the war against Iraq, or the war against Iran, or the war against North Korea…the war WE ALL should be supporting is the war against Aids. Ok, that’s my two cents and I stand by it.

As usual, the models are glamorous, the clothes are fantastic, everybody had fun, the organizing committee throw condoms to everyone left and right like there’s no tomorrow…everything that should be happening during the party.
(Owh btw, just because muka ko asek muncul jer kat dalam photo album club…x bermakna dia org excited nak tangkap gambar ko. Banyak kali dia org elak tapi muke ko tetap muncul everytime dia nak tangkap gambar. Please spare us the nightmares; I don’t want to dream about Hunchback from Shah Alam) <--- ouh..we r so mean...(evil grinned)

And the music starts, everybody was dancing like crazy, people hollering words that were barely audible, and then the music started to slow down, and then stopped, and the lights were on.
“Minta perhatian adik-adik sekalian. This is a routine checkup from D*** W**** police station, the uglies can start queuing your way out while the good looking can start strip naked,”

Okay, I admit, that’s not how the announcement sounded like, but I was really hoping it was *crossed fingers, and still crossing*.

duh...i was dancing on the Speaker/Podium...kacao tol..bru nk feel the beat n WARM up..hiks..
Apai bru je dpt best spot nk dance...
Avis plak lom kene rasuk lagik..matilaa!!!

it was a routine check, but I’m pretty sure they were also enjoying being a party crasher. They were doing their job, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m very grateful they were. It’s not really a great fun going back home with the stench of Urine pour Homme.

Awak,camne nie” kata Wuwu (bukan nama sebenar) padaku.
Dengan penuh kerisauan di wajahku, aku berpaling lalu bertanya, “Apsal?”.
Kalau aku kena panggil camner? Habislah semua org tahu nama sebenar aku! Huwaaa.”
Point taken. And I can picture it clearly in my mind the situation at that moment.

“Mohammad F*******! Mohammad F*******! Mane makhluk ni??”
“Saya kat depan abang la ni!” kata Wuwu (bukan nama sebenar) dengan penuh manja.

If I’m not mistaken, 200 IC’s was taken, and all of them need to submit their urine for drug testing. The rest of us leave in an orderly fashion, and to show my disdain toward the checkup during my party night,i walked out with avis...n he saying out loud "Motif buat checkup kat sini? Dia orang tak tahu ker aku fetish uniform?” (which is not true by the way).

We sat down outside the club while waiting for the rest of the gang to group up, but as the time flow, we notice that one of us is still inside the club.

“Cirarai tak boleh kencing,” said Ikhsan to all of us after rushing out of the club immediately after giving his urine sample to the police. What do you mean he couldn’t pee?? He is already 99% fluid; can’t he expel some of it and give it to the lovely policemen?
And to make my story short, he was sashayed to the police station in a big black lorry with a few other innocents for further test. As friends, we all waited for him outside the station, and one very friendly policeman told us that most probably he will be out on Tuesday.


We got a picnic at Sungai Gabai on Sunday, Eid Al-adha on Monday, and he got to work on that Tuesday, and you’re telling me he can only be bailed out on that freaking Tuesday? Fuck my ass! What are we supposed to tell his parent?

“Hi auntie, erm, ur daughter is in the prison, on a criminal offense. You know, unable to produce urine in front of other people. But don’t worry, you can see him once he got gang raped by the other convicts, beaten senseless into a pulp, and physically and mentally abuse by the police force. Other than tat he’s a picture of health. Selamat Hari Raya,”

back in the REstoran Kg Pandan...we cheers n we jeers...we were praying dat Cirarai n the rest will b just fine...
we also create a simple sheers for adaptation from the Hey Mickey!!

Luckily, after 3 bottles of Evian, hours of mocking sneers from the policemen, and 5 minutes of jumping on the same spot, a dribble of urine came out of him and they found him clean as a whistle. He came out looking relieved, happy, on the verge of tears, and extremely hungry. We went to Pelita, and every 10 minutes he would excuse himself and went to the toilet.

“Tadi time suroh kencing kau tak nak. Ni time makan plak ko gigih nak kencing. Biadap ar ko*** ko!”

Monday, December 1, 2008


last week
i was invited to watch the fashion show of Zery Zamryour great mama...
during the MIFA...
it was cool
really cool
i met a lot of celeb n designers...

here...just wanna share with u guys the happiest moment dat we had during dat day

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


hye guys...
last n my frens had a blast besday party at Apai + Pakcik's place...
it was funtabulicious!!!!
after a week of preparation...
finnaly we manage to throw a burfday party...
thx for those who manage to come
thx for the presents as well
here are some pics taken during the event

Friday, November 7, 2008

halloween party...trick or treat

suppose i update dis blog lastweek
but kinda bz wif life thou
wel its ok...
just wanna share wif u guys the happiness n joy during the halloween party
dat we had last 1st nov at Marketplace...
it was fun!!!!

here it goes...
from The Corpse Ugly Amy 5th Marvel Heroes...
and so many to list
dat nyte...
most of the clubbers were dress to kill...

i was very2 happy to win the best dress award wif Shiro, Zery, Jiman n one guy
eventhou at first most of em didnt recognize me in dat Amidala outfit n make up

neway..we realy had so much fun dat nyte...
n the party continues at Castle Jln Damai
wut a Drunk Party

ad hoc...
here are some pics dat had taken during the event...

Monday, October 20, 2008


This time around, I was tagged by Aimi dearest. Here we go.

My top 10 favourite food.
:: lemongrass chicken chop
:: special Thai fried rice
:: chocolate indulgence cake
:: nasik lemak ayam goreng Mali
:: marinara from milano
:: banana n mango roll
:: nasik goreng daging merah..yeay!!!
:: honey bbq chicken rice
:: chicken floss polo
:: chocolate + ice cream

10 Things I love doing
:: sleeping
:: shopping
:: clubbing
:: singing
:: camwhoring
:: hang out with my dearest friends
:: traveling
:: watching movies...especially horror movies
:: facebooking
:: dancing

5 Types of guys that I adore
:: cute-charming-good-looking guy
:: sincere,non hypocrite
:: well behave
:: respect others
:: kind + helpful

5 Things I love doing when I'm feeling down
:: n eat
:: curl up like a child..crying
:: sitting back n reminiscing
:: turn off my cell
:: get on the phone with my darlings

5 Things I love doing when I'm happy
:: go out with my friends
:: camwhore
:: sing + dance
:: shopping spree
:: laughing like there's no one around

10 Ways to win my heart
:: love me for who i am
:: honest + sincere to me
:: eventhou he is so bz, he still got tyme to text me
:: can accept my crazy-beautiful frens as well
:: appreciate me very well
:: miss me when im not around..hahahaha
:: be well educated both academically and religiously
:: always know what to say and when to say it
:: show sum efforts
:: love and care for me with his whole heart

My top 5 most favourite junk food
:: chocolate
:: baskin robbins + lecka2 ice cream
:: halls
:: pringles
:: smarties

5 Things I wish it could happen soon
:: my first salary
:: finding the right guy and settle down
:: my birthday party
:: olidae wif my peeps
:: having a lot of clients

10 Ridiculous things I wish to do before I die
:: collect a lot of stuff from LV,Burberry,Chanel,Gucci,Coach,Prada,Jimmy Choo and other designer labels
:: travel the world
:: earn a lot of money monthly
:: open up my own spa + cafe
:: publish my own label
:: watch Victoria secret fashion show live..hehehe
:: spend tyme with all the hotties dat i ever wanted
:: own my own private jet
:: move in to new zealand
:: make sure dat i always get wut i want
:: wut else huh???

My top 10 recently most addicted song
:: Ashanti - The Way dat i love u
:: india Arie - The heart of the matter
:: da groove doctors - all we need is love
:: ida corr - lemme think bout it
:: lady gaga - just dance
:: britney spears - toy soldiers
:: britney spears - womanizer
:: PCD - when i grow up
:: jennifer hudson - spotlight
:: rihanna - disturbia

Sunday, October 19, 2008

one nite only

hye guys...
its been like AGES i havent update my blog
too bz with my lyfe now
lemme start with dis...
lastnyte we went out clubbin to MP..
rite after filled our tank at the VASS fam open ous...
it was great thou....

as usual...saying hi to evryone dat i noe n noe me in return...
hye abg...
so many abg laa...
meet a lot of frens lastnyte
it was fun...

so let have it clear....
the story goes like dis...
when i was grasping for cool fresh air outside at the open-rooftop with sum of myfwen...
we talk..we walk..sipping for a drink...snappy2...
i suddenly realize dat i left Cici alone...rite after we get out from the dancefloor just bcosh cici dun want to meet his x...wakakakak...
alone i bet....
Where's cici???
anyone happened to c him??
sumone told me dat cici is now havin a chat with a huh???

i ask iwan,hairy n syam to come along with me...crusin downstair..
as usual..cuci2 mater...lalala...
up n down..up n down...
suddenly we were caught by a 'Nice View"
from OMG to WTF..hahaha
it was Max...
who is with him?
well dear..WOW is nothing!!!

we cont walkin n suddenly i saw cici sittin at the corridor with one guy...
seems like cici is enjoying evry PREcious moment dat nyte....wakakakak
wut an improvement!!!
u go gurl...
im blessed finally cici found his true love...
ko ado???
wut is dat person name anyone??
evrybody love #*****$

papa...sumtink happened on him
really bad-sad story
really2 sorry bout dat dear...
wish dat u can make things clear now...
ape aku merapu ni?
abaikan jer..hiks...

iwan..make a comeback to da club..hahaha...
still dancing with a phone in the hand??
got any numbers??
make new frens??

not to forget..i met one guy..i noe from facebook...he said dat i look lyke Sharifah Amani
love him

wuts happen next on Max?really want to hear from u soon dear...
hope u r doin well...
u noe we love u...
ADY...dunt forget to upload those pics from lastnyte...
coolness...u rocks!!!
thx syam for sending me home...hehehe
Shahrel...where's the evidence pics??
hand me..hand me now..hahahaha

ok about to have lunch now...
wanna go out n meet SHIRO later in the eveni...
been missin u dear,,,,
so much to much to share...
LOVE u guys....
womanizer..womanizer..womanizer oooo

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

hye evryone
di kesempatan ini
sayer nk ucap Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
dis year sayer rayer kat kl je ngan kakak sayer
tak blk spore pown dis year
too bad....

*mesti duet rayer sket jerk...
since da start keje lastweek...

dis wud b the 3rd tyme rayer without my late parent
miss them so much...

for things i did wrong,
for words which might hurt,
for jokes u cant take,
1001 apologize..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my first job

yeay....da lame cam tak update new entry
just wanna let u guys noe dat
ryte now im working
as a Management Trainee
2day is my 3rd day
so far evrything going on well..
plg besh is..opish dekat ngan klcc
n boley kuar masok suker ati jerk
tol tak cici n papa??

Monday, September 8, 2008

Breaking Fast wif THe BitCHYLIci0uS

eppy fasting evryone
last weekend me n my peeps organize a breakin fast ceremony
(ceremony ker)
located in Fud Republic PAvilion

the event was fun + hillarious
eventhou a lot of us manage to produce a lot of Horrible pics...
the sweetest part was when avis,fidod n i enter the simple quiz organize by HP at the center court of the Pavilion
now we are in the center of attention
on stage!!!
hell yeay!!!
compete wif 3 other gurls...
the categories vary from general,sports,music n movies...

guess who's the winner??
we won the quiz!!
eyay...big applause n standing ovation

we met a lot of frens there...from facebook to myspace...
me also meet my newfren, Azz Azfar...
nice to meet u dear...

thx for those who manage to join us..
here we goes the snap of the day....
3 snaps 4 loves...(tiru abg fendi)...matilaaa...