Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 REcap's almost 2009...
cant believe a year pass so fast...
so many things happened throughout the whole year of 2008...
back then i was a student..n now a worker....damn...
so fast
so fast yet cant believe dat im getting older a year by year
C'est La Vie!!!
so here it is..
a sketch of wut ive been thru from the early January til end of Dec for the year 2008...

- my lyfe as a student...bookworm by animal by nyte...Thesis + Final year Project
- haircolour: FULL PURPLE (love it!!!)
- still in the process of gaining weight..ahahaha...
- join the commitee for n there..event!!!
- gossip gurls lyfestyle
- cheer jeer...MAEN DOTA...looser...
- seems lyke evryweek i went back to KL just for the sake of clubbin
- my very first tyme met Avis at SAm's Besday was we become u siska!!!
- Sam's Besday Party....first tyme join party abg2 fabulous(shah,zam,andre,NC n etc)..yeay...u noe i love u guys!!!

- me start blogging..yeay
- sneak out tyme Election week...stranded outside sampai kol bper pg ntah
- gegeh Facebooking
- ciapkan my PArticle Board From Sugarcane Bagasse
- Valentine Dinner ngan Ousmate (6 of us)...sweet2

- bump with Pak Arab yg dok pggl shiro SHIRI..y noe noe noe...
- melepak2 + bowling
- anak mak wan ( makcik kedai mkn kat kole perlis), suke kat i..omg..die tu laki org...laariik!!!
- carot2 cik chan...thx for introducing a lot of new words...ESTABLISH > CANTEK TP TAK CANTEK GLER > FUNNY > CHARMING > PESONA......r u really dating cik MUHI???
- berkenalan ngan papa,mama n d gang

- besday bash kak pitam..keje giler!!!
- commitee for career fair in Unimap..gado2 ngan jr gler...kooser!!
- gado ngan Edgar bcosh of ARXD FAHMY...padahal bru je knl ARXD..the reason...ED explore my thru my msg n found out yg Arxd ckp Ed cam da berumor..hurm..there we goes
- final exam...last exam in my entire lyfe as a student!!yeay!!!
- final check for my Thesis Writing..slide presentation

- my Sis weddin dae...yeay...purple gay..ahahahah
- im officially the single lady in my fam..ahahaha
- Material's Finale BBQ dinner...huwaa...sedey2
- Went to Bang Mi Wuteva at Maison...erk...
- MY Thesis PResentation..WEll done..yeay!!
- job hunting??naah...tyme to rilex2 after 4 years study

- first tyme step into MARKETPLACE
- first tyme meet Pakcik n d gang
- shiro n apai besday bash
- Arxd started to stay at my ous for a while
- im officialy not a student anymore..yeay!!!
- started to on9 24/7..ahahahaha

- My Paksu Weddin dae....goin back to spore after a quarrel wif sumone
- accidentally bumped into RP for the first tyme ever at TOpman Orchard..
- things started to turn upside down
- misscom...
- gado..baek..gado...baek ngan sumone...gler camtu jer
- BROKE up wif my BF...i ask for blessed!!!

- my GRADUATION dae..yeay!!! go back to PERLIS
- meet up me ex coursemates after a few months...
- attend Mlm Pesta Muda it..dress to kill
- started my job hunting!!!
- He is officialy out from my ous after a real fight
- started to feel lonely...heartbroken...gloomy

- Bln Ramadhan..bln yg Mulia...breaking fast wif Bitchylicious...joined by Charel
- first tyme met Fidod....babe..we really miss u!!!..but sumone miss u even more!!
- yeay...started my first job as a trainee...
- started clubbing back at MP after a few months leave the track..heee

- Rayer in KL since i didnt go back to SPore
- first tyme watched Theatre at KL pac..with colleague n cici on cici's besday
- open ous all u a lot of new the networking
- had a crush on sumone...didnt go far..since it's just a crush..well..i always have a crush on sumone!!!

- me= QUEEN AMIDALA for the halloween party at's worth it...lalala
- my besday party wif Avis n Cici..such a blast!!!
- Pakcik moved in to Apai's dey r ousmate...
- attended wear a Gladiator it...even melecet bagai..wakakaka
- back then.,..i realized dat im lonely...huwaaa..nk..nk..nk
- Amy weddin dae..Temerloh...gather back wif ex dey oredy sumtink!!! stung by a wasp...demam terok...

- Mkn Steambot reramai..on iwan's burfday..yeay...mkn bende pelik2..euwww
- get raid at MP...ahahaha...CICI cannot Pee
- Picnic sg Gabai...exhausted...yet we had so much fun
- its xmas...attended Ray n Ray Xmas Party...met new Daddy..ahahaha
- attended abg Andre RazzleDazzle Fabulous Party..yeay...had so much fun

im done!!
just wait for the new year's eve celeb....more fun to come...yeay!!!
im praying for a brighter future...
many happy in returns!!!

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