Monday, October 20, 2008


This time around, I was tagged by Aimi dearest. Here we go.

My top 10 favourite food.
:: lemongrass chicken chop
:: special Thai fried rice
:: chocolate indulgence cake
:: nasik lemak ayam goreng Mali
:: marinara from milano
:: banana n mango roll
:: nasik goreng daging merah..yeay!!!
:: honey bbq chicken rice
:: chicken floss polo
:: chocolate + ice cream

10 Things I love doing
:: sleeping
:: shopping
:: clubbing
:: singing
:: camwhoring
:: hang out with my dearest friends
:: traveling
:: watching movies...especially horror movies
:: facebooking
:: dancing

5 Types of guys that I adore
:: cute-charming-good-looking guy
:: sincere,non hypocrite
:: well behave
:: respect others
:: kind + helpful

5 Things I love doing when I'm feeling down
:: n eat
:: curl up like a child..crying
:: sitting back n reminiscing
:: turn off my cell
:: get on the phone with my darlings

5 Things I love doing when I'm happy
:: go out with my friends
:: camwhore
:: sing + dance
:: shopping spree
:: laughing like there's no one around

10 Ways to win my heart
:: love me for who i am
:: honest + sincere to me
:: eventhou he is so bz, he still got tyme to text me
:: can accept my crazy-beautiful frens as well
:: appreciate me very well
:: miss me when im not around..hahahaha
:: be well educated both academically and religiously
:: always know what to say and when to say it
:: show sum efforts
:: love and care for me with his whole heart

My top 5 most favourite junk food
:: chocolate
:: baskin robbins + lecka2 ice cream
:: halls
:: pringles
:: smarties

5 Things I wish it could happen soon
:: my first salary
:: finding the right guy and settle down
:: my birthday party
:: olidae wif my peeps
:: having a lot of clients

10 Ridiculous things I wish to do before I die
:: collect a lot of stuff from LV,Burberry,Chanel,Gucci,Coach,Prada,Jimmy Choo and other designer labels
:: travel the world
:: earn a lot of money monthly
:: open up my own spa + cafe
:: publish my own label
:: watch Victoria secret fashion show live..hehehe
:: spend tyme with all the hotties dat i ever wanted
:: own my own private jet
:: move in to new zealand
:: make sure dat i always get wut i want
:: wut else huh???

My top 10 recently most addicted song
:: Ashanti - The Way dat i love u
:: india Arie - The heart of the matter
:: da groove doctors - all we need is love
:: ida corr - lemme think bout it
:: lady gaga - just dance
:: britney spears - toy soldiers
:: britney spears - womanizer
:: PCD - when i grow up
:: jennifer hudson - spotlight
:: rihanna - disturbia

Sunday, October 19, 2008

one nite only

hye guys...
its been like AGES i havent update my blog
too bz with my lyfe now
lemme start with dis...
lastnyte we went out clubbin to MP..
rite after filled our tank at the VASS fam open ous...
it was great thou....

as usual...saying hi to evryone dat i noe n noe me in return...
hye abg...
so many abg laa...
meet a lot of frens lastnyte
it was fun...

so let have it clear....
the story goes like dis...
when i was grasping for cool fresh air outside at the open-rooftop with sum of myfwen...
we talk..we walk..sipping for a drink...snappy2...
i suddenly realize dat i left Cici alone...rite after we get out from the dancefloor just bcosh cici dun want to meet his x...wakakakak...
alone i bet....
Where's cici???
anyone happened to c him??
sumone told me dat cici is now havin a chat with a huh???

i ask iwan,hairy n syam to come along with me...crusin downstair..
as usual..cuci2 mater...lalala...
up n down..up n down...
suddenly we were caught by a 'Nice View"
from OMG to WTF..hahaha
it was Max...
who is with him?
well dear..WOW is nothing!!!

we cont walkin n suddenly i saw cici sittin at the corridor with one guy...
seems like cici is enjoying evry PREcious moment dat nyte....wakakakak
wut an improvement!!!
u go gurl...
im blessed finally cici found his true love...
ko ado???
wut is dat person name anyone??
evrybody love #*****$

papa...sumtink happened on him
really bad-sad story
really2 sorry bout dat dear...
wish dat u can make things clear now...
ape aku merapu ni?
abaikan jer..hiks...

iwan..make a comeback to da club..hahaha...
still dancing with a phone in the hand??
got any numbers??
make new frens??

not to forget..i met one guy..i noe from facebook...he said dat i look lyke Sharifah Amani
love him

wuts happen next on Max?really want to hear from u soon dear...
hope u r doin well...
u noe we love u...
ADY...dunt forget to upload those pics from lastnyte...
coolness...u rocks!!!
thx syam for sending me home...hehehe
Shahrel...where's the evidence pics??
hand me..hand me now..hahahaha

ok about to have lunch now...
wanna go out n meet SHIRO later in the eveni...
been missin u dear,,,,
so much to much to share...
LOVE u guys....
womanizer..womanizer..womanizer oooo

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

hye evryone
di kesempatan ini
sayer nk ucap Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
dis year sayer rayer kat kl je ngan kakak sayer
tak blk spore pown dis year
too bad....

*mesti duet rayer sket jerk...
since da start keje lastweek...

dis wud b the 3rd tyme rayer without my late parent
miss them so much...

for things i did wrong,
for words which might hurt,
for jokes u cant take,
1001 apologize..