Wednesday, December 17, 2008

akhirnya Kau Terpancut Jua

** first of all....nk btaw yg note ni adelah hasil nukilan Avis...
hehehe...copy semate2..n ade laa sket2 perubahan...


njoi reading..

Perisiwa ini berlaku pada 7 Disember 2008. Let me walk you though it.
A hip chic club somewhere in KL is as usual having a party on Sunday night, but during that eventful date, a fashion show is also held in the club in conjunction with World Aids Day Weekend. It’s not just a party, it’s a party with a good cause, and I’m all for it. Personally, I believe the war the whole world should be supporting is not the war against Iraq, or the war against Iran, or the war against North Korea…the war WE ALL should be supporting is the war against Aids. Ok, that’s my two cents and I stand by it.

As usual, the models are glamorous, the clothes are fantastic, everybody had fun, the organizing committee throw condoms to everyone left and right like there’s no tomorrow…everything that should be happening during the party.
(Owh btw, just because muka ko asek muncul jer kat dalam photo album club…x bermakna dia org excited nak tangkap gambar ko. Banyak kali dia org elak tapi muke ko tetap muncul everytime dia nak tangkap gambar. Please spare us the nightmares; I don’t want to dream about Hunchback from Shah Alam) <--- ouh..we r so mean...(evil grinned)

And the music starts, everybody was dancing like crazy, people hollering words that were barely audible, and then the music started to slow down, and then stopped, and the lights were on.
“Minta perhatian adik-adik sekalian. This is a routine checkup from D*** W**** police station, the uglies can start queuing your way out while the good looking can start strip naked,”

Okay, I admit, that’s not how the announcement sounded like, but I was really hoping it was *crossed fingers, and still crossing*.

duh...i was dancing on the Speaker/Podium...kacao tol..bru nk feel the beat n WARM up..hiks..
Apai bru je dpt best spot nk dance...
Avis plak lom kene rasuk lagik..matilaa!!!

it was a routine check, but I’m pretty sure they were also enjoying being a party crasher. They were doing their job, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m very grateful they were. It’s not really a great fun going back home with the stench of Urine pour Homme.

Awak,camne nie” kata Wuwu (bukan nama sebenar) padaku.
Dengan penuh kerisauan di wajahku, aku berpaling lalu bertanya, “Apsal?”.
Kalau aku kena panggil camner? Habislah semua org tahu nama sebenar aku! Huwaaa.”
Point taken. And I can picture it clearly in my mind the situation at that moment.

“Mohammad F*******! Mohammad F*******! Mane makhluk ni??”
“Saya kat depan abang la ni!” kata Wuwu (bukan nama sebenar) dengan penuh manja.

If I’m not mistaken, 200 IC’s was taken, and all of them need to submit their urine for drug testing. The rest of us leave in an orderly fashion, and to show my disdain toward the checkup during my party night,i walked out with avis...n he saying out loud "Motif buat checkup kat sini? Dia orang tak tahu ker aku fetish uniform?” (which is not true by the way).

We sat down outside the club while waiting for the rest of the gang to group up, but as the time flow, we notice that one of us is still inside the club.

“Cirarai tak boleh kencing,” said Ikhsan to all of us after rushing out of the club immediately after giving his urine sample to the police. What do you mean he couldn’t pee?? He is already 99% fluid; can’t he expel some of it and give it to the lovely policemen?
And to make my story short, he was sashayed to the police station in a big black lorry with a few other innocents for further test. As friends, we all waited for him outside the station, and one very friendly policeman told us that most probably he will be out on Tuesday.


We got a picnic at Sungai Gabai on Sunday, Eid Al-adha on Monday, and he got to work on that Tuesday, and you’re telling me he can only be bailed out on that freaking Tuesday? Fuck my ass! What are we supposed to tell his parent?

“Hi auntie, erm, ur daughter is in the prison, on a criminal offense. You know, unable to produce urine in front of other people. But don’t worry, you can see him once he got gang raped by the other convicts, beaten senseless into a pulp, and physically and mentally abuse by the police force. Other than tat he’s a picture of health. Selamat Hari Raya,”

back in the REstoran Kg Pandan...we cheers n we jeers...we were praying dat Cirarai n the rest will b just fine...
we also create a simple sheers for adaptation from the Hey Mickey!!

Luckily, after 3 bottles of Evian, hours of mocking sneers from the policemen, and 5 minutes of jumping on the same spot, a dribble of urine came out of him and they found him clean as a whistle. He came out looking relieved, happy, on the verge of tears, and extremely hungry. We went to Pelita, and every 10 minutes he would excuse himself and went to the toilet.

“Tadi time suroh kencing kau tak nak. Ni time makan plak ko gigih nak kencing. Biadap ar ko*** ko!”

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