Saturday, May 30, 2009

U.O.X. PLAY Future

Catch international DJ Steve Aoki, Shitdisco, Pase Rock, Stretch Armstrong, TAG and LAPSAP tear up the dance floor like never before. Oh yea and infamous party photog, The Cobrasnake will be there too.

Time: 7pm onwards
Date: 30 May (Saturday)
Venue: Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena
Entry: Be the first 1000 U.O.X./Xpax members to reload RM20 at the door to get free entry and 2 drinks (soft drink/water). Or send REGUOXPLAY to 28881 to download a mobile voucher and get tickets at the exclusive price of RM58 at selected Axcess outlets.

OR purchase tickets: RM73 (pre-sale till 29 May), RM88 (at the door).
Tickets available via Axcess hotline: 03-7711 5000 or log onto

Win cool exclusive DIM MAK merch!
Submit your best party pics to and you MAY BE featured in a special Cobrasnake x U.O.X. PLAY photography wall. You gotta come to the event to find out though.

AND Top 3 best party pics will be handpicked by Mark "The Cobrasnake";
1. To be featured on his official international
website (
2. Win DIM MAK merchandise, including Steve
Aoki's latest mix CD compilation.
3. Meet Steve Aoki and The Cobrasnake in person!

And finally, what everyone's wondering about. The event line up as follows;

7.00pm TAG
9.00pm Stretch Armstrong
10.00pm Pase Rock
11.00pm ShitDisco
12.30am Steve Aoki
2.00am LapSap

Friday, May 29, 2009

last day training

yeah..finally yesterday ( 28/05/09) i complete my training
so dis comin mondae i will hit the Floor
hopefully evrytin will b ok
n not very hectic
so today im on leave....
yeah....wut a long weekend!!!
later will goin out wif Anis to do some Shopping for 2morow nyte Event...
have fun to Apai and the rest who will b Goin to Freedom at aFAmosa 2nyte
besides....Gudluck to Cici n Anis

Thursday, May 21, 2009


yeah..finally tomolo me n Cici n Anis will start our Trainin at Central
so from now on..
no more lepak2 tyme
no more tyme to feel bored at home
no more monitoring d facebook like always as if im the
schedule will b tight i suppose
buts dat for gud..
a new chapter of lyfe will begin
i hope for a gud one

ad hoc..just wanna dedicate to all of u...
a song by Kris Allen
Heartless (in his version)


congratulation on d winning Kris Allen
u r soo Fabulous
Kris Allen's smooth vocals and boy-next-door image propelled him to "American Idol" victory Wednesday, turning the theatrical powerhouse Adam Lambert into the most unlikely of also-rans.

Simon Cowell tipped his hat to both contestants Wednesday.

"To both of you, and I don't normally mean this, I thought you were both brilliant. .... The future's all yours," the judge said.

Before the results were announced, Lambert and Allen had a moment of musical camaraderie: They joined together with Queen on the rock anthem "We Are the Champions."

"Adam did win. So did Kris. Nobody lost tonight. These are two champions," said Paul Stanley from Kiss backstage.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ColouR SPlasH Photoshoot

it happened on 15th May 2009
wif the COlour Splash Theme
each of us was represent one Colour
so here it is...
no Pretense...
no Glass...
no Nothing at all

Friday, May 15, 2009

Teyona is d next ANTM

im so sad n cant believe dat Tyra chose Teyona instead of Allison
as far as wut ive watched during the Finale...
Allison produced the best commercial compared to Teyona..
den wut the hell is goin on...
even Allison oso gave the best catwalk during the finale rather than Teyona...
but yet...
Tyra anounced dat Teyona is d winner

above all dis...
i hope dat Allison will have a more2 brighter future in modelling...
for me..she is much2 better than Teyona (aLien)
I guess we ALL agree that Allision should have won. Go Allison! We think you're beautiful, inside and out & that's what makes u so unique & special! U deserved to win, not Tyona

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek

yeah..lastweek i watched Star trek an it was Fantastic!!!
standing ovation!!!
i was fascinated by the hi tech stuff in dat movie...
but above all dis...
i was attracted to the Vulcan Hairstyle..yes i am
it's soo cute
well u noe dat nowadays im soo in love wif those fringe cut at the front....
i still keep my fringe till now since i love to flip

i dunno.,..but my passion toward hairstyling is so deep...
i love to get my hair style differently whenever i wanna go out...
n keep it formal evrytyme i attend a formal occasion or task
but after i watch Star Trek..i do feel like i wanna get a newhaircut just like d vulcan
me likey
eventhou before dis i oredy got one like dat but not exactly d same

Friday, May 8, 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12

previously on
i was so upset today since one of my FAvourite Gurl,CELIA has been sent home
i cant take it
poor Celia...
Even Tyra herslef gave a gud compliment to Celia after shooting her n infront of the panel...
but yet, she has been sent home...
all dis is because she is 25 years old..
not a gus age to start ur modelling career
well who cares!!!
Celia got wut it takes...
It is sad that the girl that the judges keep saying takes beautiful pictures and has the best fashion sense gets booted off just because of her age.
well wut wonder can we do...
we just a fans...viewer
notin much
only 3 gurls remains for the Finale nextweek
for all dis while
since i started watching ANTM cycle 12..
i made a pick of my FAvourites Gurl which are

Age: 19 Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico Occupation: Student

Age: 25 Hometown: Cynthiana, Kentucky Occupation: Designer Fashion Sales

Age: 20 Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana Occupation: Artist

but now...judges has reach to the Decision
only 3 gurls remains.
Allison,Aminat n Teyona
who has wut it takes in becoming America's Next Top model!!!