Tuesday, March 24, 2009

giggles on my own

lastnyte i had a chat via YM wif my old fren from matrix..Anas
i was so happy since he is one of my bestfren back there in matrix..
im happy n kinda jealous dat now he is furthering his study in UK...sorry i forgot the exact Uni..heee...
we chat...throw out some jokes n memories dat we shared few years back...damn funny...ahahah

both of us has changed...yeah..totally i suppose
i grown up..n so does him...hehehe
but the best part is...when he start to ask bout my orientation
i wasnt very surprise since we noe each other in Matirx..heee..
n i ever wonder wut both of us will b in future...ahahahah
the funniest part is when he ask me...
"R u GAY..??"

there we go...hmmm...
i ask him..wut bout u?heee...
well im a Twister ok...ngehngeh...
so he said dat now he is a drag queen
i was laughin like hell in front of the Pc...ahahahaha
den d first tink i tot was...how do he looks like...ahahhaa
den i ask him whether he own a FB account or any other on9 profile....
but he said no..unfrotunately..humm...
naah its ok..i dun mind

den he ask bout my orientation...
since we noe each other...i bet dat he wud have detect at first since we b friend
so i told him dat im turnin G..ahahahah
dats not surprise him at all
suddenly he told me bout a rumour dat spread bout me since i left Matrix..
he said he heard from sumone dat i turned out to b a Maknyah
WTF!!...i laugh at first den i keep on asking him who said dat?
omg....i cant believe dat there's a people outhere tellin a crap bout me..
well..i live a life on my own...hiks~

besides...one of our fren from the same Block oso said to him dat i have a scandal-rel wif my rumate from matrix
for god sake!!!
dat guy is totally str8 dat cannot be bend at all!!! ( str8 penoh)
cant deny he is Handsome n very gud looking
but well..
back then in matirx..i was a very shy-nice-angelic-lil-guy...
im not well exposed in dis real world of live
still havent declared dat im PLU..
or not even noe bout the community
so damn naive aite....hahahaha
i just keep the feeling to myself n very afraid of bein exposed

i laugh all the way while chatting wif him tho...
miss evry moment dat we spent in Matrix
well as far as i concern..i dun have many frens dat day
only a few dat i stick with
the best part is..i do have a special gurlfren dat tyme
but we broke up in the early year of 2007
no further info!!!
all i can say dat..
we'r not meant to b together since dat im a "very-very SPECIAL guy"...

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rizz said...

kemen nk maknyah heheee.