Friday, May 8, 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12

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i was so upset today since one of my FAvourite Gurl,CELIA has been sent home
i cant take it
poor Celia...
Even Tyra herslef gave a gud compliment to Celia after shooting her n infront of the panel...
but yet, she has been sent home...
all dis is because she is 25 years old..
not a gus age to start ur modelling career
well who cares!!!
Celia got wut it takes...
It is sad that the girl that the judges keep saying takes beautiful pictures and has the best fashion sense gets booted off just because of her age.
well wut wonder can we do...
we just a fans...viewer
notin much
only 3 gurls remains for the Finale nextweek
for all dis while
since i started watching ANTM cycle 12..
i made a pick of my FAvourites Gurl which are

Age: 19 Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico Occupation: Student

Age: 25 Hometown: Cynthiana, Kentucky Occupation: Designer Fashion Sales

Age: 20 Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana Occupation: Artist

but now...judges has reach to the Decision
only 3 gurls remains.
Allison,Aminat n Teyona
who has wut it takes in becoming America's Next Top model!!!

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rizz said...

hehehe x sabo nk tgok finalnye tk hehehe