Thursday, February 5, 2009

MY IMMORTAL!!!! the Music Tag War

  1. Put your i-Tunes, MP3, Mp4, Windows Media Player, etc. on shufle.
  2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer
  3. You must write down that song name no matter how silly it sounds
  4. Tag 10 friends
  5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.

Here we go! Mari kite mulakan?!

  1. If some asked you, "Are you occay?", you say : Nobody - Wonder Girls (apekah.....)

  2. How would you describe yourself ": REal Love Club Mix - Massari

  3. What do you like in a guy / girl : Love Shy - Platinum

  4. How do you feel today : B Ur Girl - Amiel

  5. What is you life purpose : Just dAnce - Lady Gaga ( cam takde motif..nari2 ajork)

  6. What is you Motto? : Miss Independent - NeYo( cool huh)

  7. What Do you Friend Think of You : Keith Thompson - Rythm Of Life( ahahahah..camni ker diorg pk psl aku?)

  8. What do Your Parents Think Bout You :Spotlight (Moto Blanco Club Mix) - Jennifer Hudson(sob..sob..)

  9. What Do you Think About Very Often : Do You Know - Enrique Iglesias (Ralphi Rosario)(me oso dunno..wakakakaka)

  10. What is 2+2 :Lollipop's Winter Solstice - Equinoctial Dance Mix 2.009 ( tak bley blah)

  11. What Do You Think of Your Bestfriend : Man With The Red Face ( Mark Knight n funkagenda) (mereka mmg bermuke merah)

  12. What is Your Life Story : Come Fly Away - Benny Benassi (lets terbang ngan sayer)

  13. What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up : What Else Is There - Royksopp (sgt tak mnjwb soklan kan..ahahahaha)

  14. What Do You Think When the Person You Like : Crush - David Archuleta (yeay...tepat skali)

  15. What WIll You Dance At Your Wedding : Dats Not My Name - The Tings Tings (coz tak ngaku gune name sebenar..ahahahah)

  16. What Will They Play at Your Funeral : Bleeding love -Leona Lewis (touchin u ols)

  17. What is Your Hobby : Fired Up - Denise The Menace n Big World ( pecat? terbakar?nyalakan api?ahahaha)

  18. What is Your Biggest Fear : Just For One DAy - DAvid Guetta ( comment)

  19. What is Your Biggest Secret : Poker Face - Lady Gaga ( Jody Den Broeder Remix) (sayer bermuke Poker..laariik!!!)

  20. What Do You Think Of Your Friends : Day N Nite - Kid Cudi (sayer syg kwn2 sayer siang n mlm)

  21. What Will You Post This As? : My Immortal - Evanescence (motiff!!!!)

Meraselaa Playlist yg lagu campor2 house n sgale siyal jerk jadiknyer...

tyme to tagged others..pecah perot gelak..
thx isis for tagging me..since td sendu2..pas bwat mende ni im a bit ok!!!!

my tag list:
- Kerun
- KAk Pitam
- Ketom
- ryzz
- Zery Zamry
- pojeng
- Afnan
- julien
- Hatta
- Myra

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rizz said...

What is you life purpose : Just dAnce - Lady Gaga ( cam takde motif..nari2 ajork)

-- hehe lagu ni beshh:p